"Loving & Leaving ED."

(Eating Disorder)
A narration through song and dance.

Saturday, September 28th, 7:30pm
Living Arts Centre

A story told of a young girl who struggled, battled and defeated ED. Based on a true story.

First Half: VANITY vs. SANITY

The first half of tonights show will explore the depths of Vanity vs. Sanity, as we discover the isolating journey of a young girl who endures, struggles and defeats her Eating Disorder.
Nikki Policelli welcomes you into the real experiences of a young girl who faces such trying external and internal struggles in, Nikki's third annual written creation, "Loving & Leaving ED."

Second Half: A CONCERT with a CAUSE

The second half of tonight's show is a Concert with a Cause.
A group of dynamic talented professionals that have come together to celebrate and speak to innocence, fire and passion, youth, happy aging, empathy and faith. Together in support of raising awareness for Sheena's Place and spreading a message of self esteem and worth.

The Cast

Nikki Policelli        creator, producer, performer
Jennifer Ottywil    guest speaker
the Tonettes        gospel vocal artists(Marlene O'neill, Cathy Borges & Amoy Levi)
Ivana Popovic        violinist
Peter Hong        classically trained pianist
Jake Feeny        vocalist, singer song writer
Danielle Padilla Ching    dancer
Carla Zazzarino    dancer
Sarita Silva        dancer
Mae west        dancer
ASTRA            dancer

The Band

James L. Burton    drummer, vocalist
Christina Melanie    keyboard, vocalist
Dave Bayley        guitar
Gene Falbo        bass guitar

Special Thanks

N-Dezine        decor
Cinelli hair        sponsor hair and make up
Christina Serra, Helen Duma and Diana Stoets       script consultants
Nadine Charbonneau, Fun & Mental fitness        supporter
Mary Pics Photography    supporter
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